Why The Vein Center of Cincinnati?

  • Dr. Andrew Hearn is a highly qualified, well respected Vascular Surgeon in the Cincinnati area. With 20 plus years of experience, he has made this profession and passion his life’s work.
  • At The Vein Center of Cincinnati, we do more than just diagnose and treat spider and varicose veins. As a vascular surgeon, Dr. Andrew Hearn receives referrals from other vein practices for second opinions and treatment of the most complex venous problems, including DVT blood clots and venous ulcers. These patients are referred to a vascular surgeon due to their extensive knowledge and training focused on the circulatory system. The vascular system is one of the most complicated systems in the body.
  • At The Vein Center of Cincinnati, Dr. Hearn performs the entire procedure, not a physician assistant or nurse practitioner who performs portions of the procedure, as they often do in other practices.
  • Because... All We Do is Treat Vein Disease! Appropriate treatment of these complex vascular conditions by an experienced vascular surgeon can vastly improve patient outcomes and prevent costly hospitalization and long term chronic wound care.
  • Vascular Surgeons vs. Phlebologists: With the advent of endovenous laser technology in the early 2000s, the volume of varicose vein treatment increased exponentially. Unfortunately, this technology led to a huge increase in the number of physicians from any specialty becoming “vein doctors”. In 2007, the “specialty” called phlebology was established to set standards of practice and establish training programs for taking care of vein issues. However, phlebology is not recognized as an ABMS specialty. There are no residency training programs in phlebology. “Board-certified” phlebologists may not have training in surgical or invasive procedures. Frequently, phlebologists have no formal surgical training and are limited in the options they can offer their patients. A vascular surgeon has extensive knowledge and training focused on the circulatory system. The vascular system is one of the most complicated systems in the body.
  • Vascular Surgeons vs. Vein Specialists: The term “vein specialist” can be a deceiving one. This phrase is used by many medical professionals — including internists, cardiologists and dermatologists — who are typically ABMS certified in other specialties but have decided to perform vein procedures. There are no clinical training requirements, no regulations, no standards of care, to be a “vein specialist.”
  • We are thrilled that the medical community has conducted meaningful research that confirms what we know and tell our patients: chronic venous disease is a medical condition which can progress and cause painful complications such as leg ulcers and DVT … and the best way to get relief is through early diagnosis and treatment by a vascular surgeon. If a DVT is suspected, it’s best to be evaluated by a vascular surgeon immediately. Early and accurate diagnosis can be a lifesaver…literally!


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